Top 10 Poorest Cities in America

By | August 3, 2013

America is still recovering from its great financial downfall. Its economic recovery is taking a long time, what with the severe effects of the recession and all the other hurdles the country has faced and is continuously facing until today. There are some parts of the country that are doing better compared to others, but there are also some cities that are now at an even worse condition. This pattern can be seen in the rate of unemployment, poverty, and foreclosures. If you would like to know how a particular part of the United States is doing in terms of economy, all you need to do is to look at its household income median.

Even after you have already factored in the differences in cost of living, one thing remains to be clear; those who are living in metropolitan areas with the lowest household income median are significantly at a worse condition than the other citizens. To give you a much more in depth idea of these areas, here are the 10 poorest cities in North America.


Top 10 Poorest Cities in North America:

  1. Laredo, Texas
  2. Brownsville – Harlingen, Texas
  3. Monroe,  Louisiana
  4.  Albany, Georgia
  5. Las Cruces, New Mexico
  6. Jonesboro, Arkansas
  7. Cumberland, Maryland
  8. KingSport, Tennessee
  9. Steubenville, Ohio
  10. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Top 10 Poorest Cities in North America 300x200 Top 10 Poorest Cities in America

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