Top 10 Richest Banks In the World

By | July 29, 2013

Banks Play key role in Economical growth for every country,Every country development depends upon banks. Banks are a part of the Countries development process either developed countries or under development countries. Watch here latest list of top 10 Safest and best banks in the world and also richest banks in the world 2013 according to bank ratings ,assets and customers review. In this list Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranked top bank in the world by capital. The rankings are based on Tier 1 capital determining a bank’s ability to lend on a large scale and banking operations.


Richest Banks In the World:

  1. Industrial and commercial Bank of China – China
  2. JP Morghan Chase & Co – USA
  3. Bank of America – USA
  4. HSBC Holdings – UK
  5. China Construction Bank Corporation – China
  6. CitiGroup – USA
  7. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group – Japan
  8. Wells Fargo & Co – USA
  9. Bank of China – China
  10. State Bank of India – India

top 10 richest Banks Top 10 Richest Banks In the World

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